I’m Mike Beijar

Principal Surveyor, Retired

Mike Beijar (pronounced Bear) began work in the marine industry as a manager of a small marina in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area in 1972, and then began marine surveying of pleasure boats and small commercial vessels in 1977.

I’m retired too

In 1982, he qualified, via experience and testing,  to join NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyor), a professional association of Marine Surveyors, and became a NAMS-CMS (Certified Marine Surveyor). On three separate occasions, he served on the Board of Directors of NAMS, once as a Regional Vice-President and twice as a Regional Director. He also served on the membership screening committee, and was Chair of the Website & Communications Committee.

Shrimp boat salvage Operation

As a Marine Surveyor, he conducted PrePurchase and Marine Risk (Insurance) Condition & Value (aka C&V) marine surveys of pleasure boats and small commercial vessels including, but not limited to; yachts, fishing vessels, charter boats, head boats, and small barges and tugboats, etc. He also conducted marine claims assignments for various insurance companies.

Channel markers don’t move

In 2015, he ceased accepting assignments to conduct PrePurchase and Marine Risk surveys.

In 2016, after 33 years, he retired from NAMS as an active NAMS-CMS member.

From 2016 to 2018, Mike Beijar only accepted marine claims assignments to make inquiry into, or review damage of, private pleasure craft and small commercial vessels.

And as of January 2019, Mike Beijar is completely retired.

However, if you have a question, or would like a referral, feel free to contact me via eMail, click here or on my name below. And we’re still always willing to answer your questions (email only).

Mike Beijar

1456 South Keene Road • Clearwater, Florida 33756